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Description: for latest info see:

This widget uses the current playing iTunes track to
* Search the lyrics from the internet
* Save the found results in the MP3 file
Note: ID3 v2.3 tags required !

Benefits to other lyric tools:
* Very customizable:
- selectable skins (5 colours)
- resizable window
- change lyrics alignment
- change lyrics font size
- change lyrics font type
* Avoid internet searches
* lyrics are available for offline reference
* No more danger loosing lyrics when moving your files
Author: MacShabba
Version: 0.8a
New in v0.8a: More design improvements
* NEW OPTION: Customize text alignment
* NEW OPTION: 5 new widget skins
* Added tooltips with basic info
* added Status bar
* Cosmetic fix: shadow had small highlight
* Back side layout is fixed

Improved search results
* NEW: search engine is multi threaded now (FASTER!)
* NEW: quicker detection when no lyric available
* Fixed lots of small bugs, improving success rate
Uploaded on: July 22nd 2005 at 3:51 AM
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Ugly, doesn't actually get any lyrics for any songs (Clocks by Coldplay, Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles). Huge. Why would you want to save lyrics to an MP3 if the only way to look up those lyrics is by having the song playing in iTunes. Then you would already have the song. Doesn't make much sense.

So basically, it doesn't work.

Posted by: SupaPuerco on Jun 21, 05 (1:23 AM) for version 0.5a (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Looks bad....and why would you want to save it to the mp3 file?

Posted by: skier8689 on Jun 21, 05 (1:40 AM) for version 0.5a (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I am wrong, but are you guys being too hard on this widget? This seems very innovative and efficient (two functions in one). It doesn't say you "have to" save the lyrics. One star?? No. It's pretty cool.

Posted by: t0ddweb on Jun 21, 05 (4:47 AM) for version 0.5a (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Yeah. . .this is one ugly monstrosity. It sure doesn't do a good job of finding lyrics either. I like the idea of saving my lyrics to my mp3, even though i haven't any clue how that actually works, I wish maybe there were explanations to it. Please upgrade this widget, i see a good future for it, in other words keep it up. Just make sure to learn from criticism.

Posted by: profile on Jun 21, 05 (5:22 AM) for version 0.5a (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Hi all, thnx for posting you're comments. At least now I know it doesn't work for everybody yet. If you're willing to help me resolve the issues, please pm me. I could use some more background info, what excatly goes wrong?

@SupaPuerco, resize is on todo list
@skier8689, what does itunes use for the artist, album, title, ...and the format has a specific frame for lyrics, so why not ;o)
@t0ddweb, thnx, i assume it worked for you?
@profile, support for saving has to be enabled on the back side, its a preference

Posted by: MacShabba (developer) on Jun 21, 05 (9:05 PM) for version 0.5a (previous version)  

Version 0.7 released. The reported search bugs have been resolved.
And the user interface has been redesigned from scratch.

I'm very interested in any comments, suggestions, requests you might have.

Posted by: MacShabba (developer) on Jul 03, 05 (9:09 PM) for version 0.7a (previous version)  

This widget finds more of my song lyrics than the others I have tried by far (v.7). But the save function fails every time.

Posted by: jdjacobs on Jul 06, 05 (11:50 PM) for version 0.7a (previous version)  

jdjacobs, the library I use only supports v2.3 tags<br>
Open iTunes
Select files that you want to update.
Go to menu "Advanced"
Choose "Convert ID3 tags..."
Select "v2.3".
This is a safe procedure, and must only be done once.
Let me know if that helped, MacShabba

Posted by: MacShabba (developer) on Jul 07, 05 (12:15 AM) for version 0.7a (previous version)  

Hmm. This seems less than ideal. An average user, like myself, really doesn't know much about ID3 tags. I just use iTunes to label my songs. I think I'll have to look into this more before I decide to use the save function. Why, for example, doesn't iTunes use v2.3? Will it support it in the future? It's also a bit of a hassel to do this for every song you have and add to the library. But all this probably just shows my ignorance.

Still, the search function is the best I've seen so far. (Though it still fails on some. Iron & Wine, anyone?)

Posted by: jdjacobs on Jul 07, 05 (2:45 AM) for version 0.7a (previous version)  

jdjacobs, first off all, thnx for the nice comments. I'm already aware of the '&' bug, and will release a bugfix release soon.

About those tags, it sounds more complicated then it is. iTunes does support all versions of those tags. Just do a get info on a song to see the current version of that song (summary tab).
The convert procedure will not influence the sound quality, its just related to how data like artist, genre, artwork, ... are stored inside the file.
Hope this info helps. But for more details about ID3, see
I just did a select all off my library, choose v2.3 and let it run for 30 mins to convert my 40gb of mp3's, that's it.

Unfortunately iTunes left out the lyrics part for now. But I'm getting ready for the day they do add it ;o)

Posted by: MacShabba (developer) on Jul 07, 05 (6:57 AM) for version 0.7a (previous version)  

I know this is probably already obvious to most of the people reading this, but it wasn't for me, so here goes: This works for only mp3s, not m4as. Since much of the music I own is imported to AAC from a CD, well, no saving to the music file.

Is there a plan to implement support for the tags on an AAC file?

Posted by: jdjacobs on Jul 07, 05 (5:00 PM) for version 0.7a (previous version)  

jdjacobs, I did some searching. Please read this: To summarize, there is no public spec.
But I might 'hack' it in myself. (using the 'lyr' tag, as described here:

All my files are mp3, so it wasn't on my todo list. I'm willing to give it a go but can not not make any promises (yet).

Posted by: MacShabba (developer) on Jul 07, 05 (8:25 PM) for version 0.7a (previous version)  

Perhaps it's best to wait on that, then. I wouldn't want to save a bunch of them only to have it not recognized if/when Apple finally implements it. Oh well. Certainly not your fault. Sorry for the detour.

Posted by: jdjacobs on Jul 07, 05 (9:50 PM) for version 0.7a (previous version)  

Great Widget. I wish that iTunes would show lyrics from the mp3 tag.

The design has much improved in the latest versions, but I still would prefer a cleaner and lighter look. See "Sing that iTune" for example.
Imho it would be a good start to put the top buttons at the bottom and so eliminate the top margin.

Posted by: Schlaefer on Jul 23, 05 (10:53 AM) for version 0.8a (current version)   View Detailed Rating

You'll be happy to know that lyrics saved with IgLyric, are now also accessible from within iTunes.
So I "was ahead" of being cutting edge smiley

Posted by: MacShabba (developer) on Sep 08, 05 (7:22 PM) for version 0.8a (current version)  

Awesome. Support for m4a/AAC.

As I've said before, this widget has one of the best search engines available. I find it and pearlyrics roughly equivalent on actually finding the lyrics.

What I like about iglyric is that I can edit the lyrics and choose whether to save it to the file or not. pearlyrics widget has no editing and is (at least currently) all or nothing in the save department.

But the automatic mode of pearlyrics seems better. I never have to tell pearlyrics to search for the currently playing song. Sometimes I have to tell iglyrics to.

Posted by: jdjacobs on Sep 22, 05 (3:19 PM) for version 0.8a (current version)  

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