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Description: You'll be able to chose the frequency of the updates. It'll show info about your used happy hours transfers and in case of exceeding your limits it'll show you how much you have to pay at the end of the month.

Yes, the design and part of the code was used from a previous widget for another ISP, got authorization to use it smiley

This ISP likes to keep changing its counting webpage, if it stops working at some moment please check here for an upgrade!
Author: Lunasea
Version: 4.2
New in v4.2: 4.2 * Undid the previous changes
* ISP also modified some variable names, I wonder if the coder needed to justify his salary with stuff like this, coz there are no new functionalities added to the site that justifies all these changes
Uploaded on: July 15th 2007 at 1:09 PM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 258 (all versions), 57 (this version)
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Does it work with SAPO too?

Posted by: Wally on Nov 30, 05 (1:15 PM) for version 3.1 (previous version)  

No, but I'm sure you can edit the code to make it work with any ISP smiley

Posted by: Lunasea (developer) on Nov 30, 05 (4:57 PM) for version 3.1 (previous version)  

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