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Description: Yet Another AIM Online Status Checker is what its name suggests - another widget that displays the Online Status of one of your buddies. However, it is right now capable to determine the online status of your AIM, .mac, Jabber and Google Talk - buddies.

There is one difference - You don`t need to run iChat and you don`t have to be logged in to AIM. IChat doesn`t even have to be installed.
That`s the main reason I started this widget since I don`t have iChat running most of the time and I don`t want it to be running all the time; neither the Menubar-iChat-item.

You can set the refresh-interval yourself. Clicking the Widget re-checks the buddy`s status if he was offline before or opens iChat if he was online at the last check.
First I had iChat open a new Message Window, but since I sometimes want to do an Audio-Chat, this was annoying, so I stay with only opening/activating iChat and hiding the Dashboard.

This is a sideproject and at the moment, I can`t dedicate much time to it. But I`ve added some features:
You can specify the Name to be displayed, the widget can get the status and status-message from iChat or Adium, if they are running, and there is (more or less tested) Jabber- and Google Talk-support.
Author: SanHolo
Version: 0.4b
New in v0.4b: * Added Google Talk support (actually a Jabber-Protocol)
* Improved Jabber support when no Chat-Application (iChat or Adium) is running
* Various small redesigns (more decent state-changes)
* If a buddy is NOT in the buddylist of your Chat-Application, but said application is running, the widget always returned "offline". This is fixed.
* Cleaned up the preferences
* Various bugfixes (thanks to the folks reporting those, espacially here on!)
Uploaded on: August 27th 2005 at 4:57 AM
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Downloads: 1411 (all versions), 870 (this version)
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Great widget, especially for a 0.1 version Ü

I'd recommend a couple things you're probably already going to do (or if you'd like, with permission, i'll fix it up for you):

When iChat is open, the contact's status can't be shown.
Ability to add names like other status checkers, so multiple instances don't have to be open.

But i like yours better than others simply because we don't have to have ichat open! Thank you!

But really, pm me or mail me if i can, with permission, incorporate a couple improvements.

Posted by: Liquidrums on Jul 10, 05 (12:20 AM) for version 0.1b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

This is *fabulous* -- just what I've been waiting for! I don't use iChat at all (I prefer the petite size of Adium), so this is just perfect. Thanks!

Posted by: becky on Jul 10, 05 (4:17 AM) for version 0.1b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

After using this for awhile, I have to amend my comment with one small(ish?) request. It's be fabulous if the user could also type in a "Display Name" to be displayed on the front of the widget (aka an alias, nickname, etc) instead of the actual screen name. I might try to have a go at this myself, but I'm afraid I'm not much of a programmer...

Posted by: becky on Jul 10, 05 (8:02 AM) for version 0.1b (previous version)  

What a great idea- I like the design of the background, too (the plastic look to the widgets makes it look more dashboard-friendly). But I, like Becky, would like to have your display name come up instead of the screen name. I'll look into the idea, but great job!

Posted by: skyhawkrider on Jul 10, 05 (6:42 PM) for version 0.1b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Thanks guys.
The Idea to set a different name to display is good; I implemented this one today. I`ll make the update available somewhen next week, perhaps I`ll add also Liquidrums request. (Thanks for the offer, but this is not too much work; I`ll do it myself ;-D )

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Jul 10, 05 (11:58 PM) for version 0.1b (previous version)  

It doesn't fit longer names (like those with in them) and why is the close box centered? Close boxes belong over the top left corner.

Posted by: chad on Jul 15, 05 (6:05 AM) for version 0.1b (previous version)  

Dot Mac accounts are not supported

The close-Box is centered cause the widget scales. This is changed in the newer version.

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Jul 18, 05 (1:17 AM) for version 0.1b (previous version)  

Very good 0.2 widget but you need something to set the colors or see what colors are are what

Posted by: Powermacguy on Jul 21, 05 (2:44 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

The ability to type in custom names made this soft top-notch for me. Excellent idea and the fact that it works while iChat is offline make it perfect.

BTW .Mac accounts work perfectly well - one just have to type in full .Mac ID (i.e. <ID>

The only thing on my wish list is the support for Jabber accounts as well. Well, I had no time to test it, so maybe it has been supported already?smiley

Posted by: Zaba on Jul 21, 05 (7:35 PM) for version 0.2b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

The only flaw I found:
If you have iChat running, but are not signed on (which I often do, because it's easier than quitting and starting iChat up every time), then the widget will stay on "Checking" and nothing will happen.

Other than that, it's perfect.

Posted by: ilanbg on Jul 22, 05 (7:07 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

Thanks for reporting that; I indeed didn`t think of this situation.

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Jul 22, 05 (10:44 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

wow, this is a lifesaver. and it looks great too!

Posted by: andrethegiant on Jul 24, 05 (2:39 PM) for version 0.2b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

It doesn't work for me when iChat is open, even if i'm signed on.

Posted by: zweben on Aug 06, 05 (7:55 AM) for version 0.2b (previous version)  

nice... simpel but great !

really like the way it lookssmiley

Posted by: GrannySmith on Aug 07, 05 (10:06 PM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Nice update, it works now for me, but when someone's status is "Mobile", it doesn't show in the widget, even if Status is checked. I'd like to be able to tell if they're at a computer or not.

Posted by: zweben on Aug 07, 05 (10:17 PM) for version 0.3b (previous version)  

sorry to tell but I've found a bug...

when you show the backside and then hide the dashboard... the widget gets cluttered when you show the dashboard again (especially with short names)

I suggest that you add an auto-flip-back when the dashboard hides.

widget.onhide = onhide;

function onhide () {
if (document.getElementById("front" == "none"smiley {
document.getElementById("front" = "block";
document.getElementById("back" = "none";

this works normally (it does in my widget smiley)

Posted by: GrannySmith on Aug 07, 05 (10:22 PM) for version 0.3b (previous version)  

Good widget, except for one thing, and this for me, is a deal killer.

When it checks the buddy's status, it changes orange with the word "checking , , , "

Frankly, this is obnoxious, and obnoxious to the degree that I would rather just not use it then have somethign in the corner of my screen flashign different colors all the time. You should change it so that it checks in the background, without notiifying you. I really don't need to know that it is checking, just if the status changes.

Posted by: ArcherCricket on Aug 08, 05 (3:55 AM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

great widget. clean up the design and remove that 'checking...' orange thing. it's too distracting.

thanks for the widget

Posted by: sphereboy on Aug 08, 05 (10:53 AM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Great ideas, thanks

- I`ll remove the orange "checking..."-stuff. It indeed does not help
- if turned around and the dashboard is hidden and shown again, it resizes. That should not happen, thanks GrannySmith for pointing out.

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Aug 09, 05 (3:35 AM) for version 0.3b (previous version)  

It's a great widget, and it works well for the most part. Almost every time, though, one of my names will stay on "Checking". And it's not always the same one.

Posted by: DreamTheater on Aug 10, 05 (1:03 PM) for version 0.3b (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Just wanted to let you know that this is my absolute favorite widget, and to give you props for integrating our suggestions without getting angry or defensive. Thank you for making my life so much easier!

Posted by: becky on Aug 21, 05 (6:51 AM) for version 0.3b (previous version)  

Could you add MSN support in a future version?

Posted by: dansgil on Aug 27, 05 (9:11 AM) for version 0.4b (current version)   View Detailed Rating

Blah. I'm having trouble with this version:
- When I first tried to set up my boxes, I had Adium running (and was connected). The boxes all stayed gray and displayed "no buddy" until I shut down Adium and went back to the Dashboard.
- Instead of changing orange when it's checking, each box turns gray. Less flashy, but same problem... is it possible to have them just stay whatever color they are until they need to change color?
- The widget froze on me today... if there's any kind of log I can look at to give you more information, let me know.

Posted by: becky on Aug 29, 05 (5:20 AM) for version 0.4b (current version)  

Great widget...
but it doesn't work when Adium is running. (even when set to use iChat.)

Posted by: ajwitte on Aug 30, 05 (6:00 AM) for version 0.4b (current version)  

This widget really is one of my all-time favorites. I probably use it more than any other widget. Just a thing to check on maybe: If I'm not signed on to iChat and someone is away or idle, they'll show up as signed on. Once I sign on to iChat and see that they're away or idle, it then shows it.

Just letting you know, but its really a minor thing. I loooove this widget.

Posted by: DreamTheater on Aug 30, 05 (6:59 AM) for version 0.4b (current version)  

@@ becky:
I cannot reproduce what happened.
- "No buddy" means the widget has no username. Turn it around and enter the values again. If it doesn`t help, try closing all instances and re-open them again, so that the prefs get resetted.

- The colors should NOT change at all, the color will stay until the status has changed, checking DOES NOT change the colors

- It wont`t log many, but if so, you should see it in the Console (Applications>Utilities>Console)

It does work with Adium for me. What gets displayed?

Thanks for the props. What you describe is NORMAL behaviour for AIM/.mac-accounts if you are offline. If you are offline, you can only check if a person if online or offline, and since "idle" or "away" get reported as online, it will display green/online.
Check out the small website for the widget:

Thanks guys for reporting, I`m trying to fix the requests.

Posted by: SanHolo (developer) on Sep 03, 05 (12:15 AM) for version 0.4b (current version)  

I realize there have been no comments in a while, but I think a good idea would be the option of including lists of usernames, i.e.

Buddy ID: joeiscool32, joebomb14
Name: Joe

(just making up screennames. Sorry, Joe, whoever you are, if you get random IMs)

This way, a buddy with several handles could be checked in one open instance of the widget. If you go to check their status, then whichever account has available information will show. If two or more are online, then it would show the corresponding color for whichever the most available account was.

Great widget, thanks,

Posted by: zmanthemacguy on Oct 29, 06 (11:27 AM) for version 0.4b (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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