System Utilities - LocationWidget

Description: This widget offers an alternative way to change the network location. Even though it may be easier to change this from the Apple menu, the previous version has been downloaded more than 100 times so I thought I could at least make it less ugly! The version is left at 0.9, in case I would add localisation support.
Author: fredrikw
Version: 0.9
New in v0.9: Updated graphical interface
Now shows international characters correctly
Still no more usefull... But then again, how many widgets are?
Uploaded on: October 18th 2005 at 4:37 PM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 441 (all versions), 311 (this version)
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Aqua graphics!


Posted by: IanTheMacFan on Jul 11, 05 (3:57 AM) for version 0.5 (previous version)  

seems silly to have this when you can do it from the apple menu...

Posted by: funkdaddy on Jul 11, 05 (10:05 AM) for version 0.5 (previous version)  

I didn't realise you could do it from the apple menu, I guess that explaines why the widget didn't exist smiley

Posted by: fredrikw (developer) on Jul 11, 05 (5:01 PM) for version 0.5 (previous version)  

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