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Description: Sentencer is a little widget that will generate a random sentence on a click of a button. Sentencer provides over 100,000 different possible sentences, so you probably won't see the same one twice (unless you sit in your chair, clicking the new button as fast as you can read the sentence). Excpect mmore sentences in the future.
Author: zargap
Version: 1.0
Uploaded on: July 12th 2005 at 1:04 AM
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Wacky humor! Always appreciated.

But, while the number of sentences may be great, it's really just pulling words in a certain order to form highly similar sentences of no significant variance.... Article Subject Verb Object, "for they" (are, are really, can kill, or hate) something is the pattern, sometimes with a few adjectives in there.

All of the different categories are limited, nouns to Microsoft, people, chair, weirdos, nerds, etc. Same thing with the adjectives and so on ("blue" shows up a lot). The limited number of verbs, all of which are simple, include hate, kill, poop on, hack, want, delete, and a few others, including the ever mysterious verb, "verb" ( the word 'verb', as if this were a fill in the blank game). As a result, you may not see the same sentence, but you'll see same chunks all the time. (common endings (the part after "for they", which in all of them) include: are Colin Mochrie clones, are zarking turlingdromes, are mad as hatters, are really ninjas in disguise, can kill a mockingbird, are blue, and hate nerds. No more, to the best of my knowledge. ) Since there are only so many variations of specific parts, i.e., 7 endings, 1 ever present "for they", and no variance in sentence structure, and limited, not so colorfully wacky vocabulary, the result is that while you DO have enough words to technically make 100,000 possible sentences, they are all pretty much along the same line.

This is basically like a permutation problem in probability. It takes only 7 dice to come up with 280,000 (about) permutations. So, 100,000 variations of the sequence of a limited set of words end up being quite similar. In the previous dice example, remember that about 46,656 results will end with the die showing the number 3.

So, while I greatly admire your efforts into quirky humor, and of course, sentences are harder than numbers (to generate), I must sadly report that all 100,000 sentences of yours fall along the same mood of humor, which makes it entirely boring after a few clicks. It's kind of like having 100,000 knock knock jokes all involving, you guessed it - knocking, "who's there", and the same pattern.

Good job, just hard to get it to really generate varied sentences. If you want to tackle the variation problem, I might suggest using very short, simple sentences of Subj-Verb-Object, Subj-Verb-Indirect Obj., Object, Subj-verb (always wonderful if it gets impact) and maybe a few others, with a random addition of interjections (oh no!, Quick! etc), adjectives, adverbs, and maybe contextual phrases (like "In other news:"smiley, prepositions. Sounds complicated, huh? And even then you would need many, many words to fit into each of the subj, adj slots, as well as hundreds, maybe thousands of verbs, which determine variance more than anything else, I think. (E.g., a 1000 different subjects "giving" a thousand different somethings (object) to a thousand different Indirect objects ends up to be 1,000,000,000 sentences that all describe the same act of "giving" in this case. Now, even if there was only one subject, say, "Jimmy," combined with a thousand verbs will still all be about Jimmy, but at least something different is going on each time.

You probably knew all that, and, after all, 100,000 is quite an accomplishment, so don't take this as a serious complaint.

But IF you do want a serious suggestion: being that random sentences might be hard, why not try a widget version of AD LIB? I'll put such a suggestion in the widget ideas forum.


Posted by: BagOfHammers on Jul 15, 05 (12:27 PM) for version 1.0 (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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