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Description: This widget alows you to search by month and it will display your birthstone. It displays the stone of the current month or you can choose a stone from the back. You can also look at all the stones on the back of the widget.
Author: jonbrown
Version: 4.0
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Fixes for Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9).
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Good idea but...
In my opnion saphire should be the more traditional Blue color, instead of red (even though both are correct).
Moonstone isn't the only birthstone for June. From what I have heard Pearl is by far the most popular and most known birthstone for June. Traditionally, Alexandrite is the correct birthstone for June, but because it is so rare, and expensive most people could not afford it, therefore the substitute became Pearl. From what I could research, Moonstone is a rather modern birthstone for June, and is usually considered to be more "mystical." (Usually it is less popular than the others.)
For October, I have never heard of anything other than Opal. (I could be wrong.)

I like this idea though. I just think it needs some more work.

Posted by: EricNau on Jul 13, 05 (10:43 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

This seems like something that was slapped together without much research on the subject of the widget. If you are going to create a program - you have to do all the research not just write the code so "Oh wow! Look I was one of the X number of people to publish a widget.

You also have to think about what the function of the widget is. Is it decoration or is it information? I feel this failed on both counts.

1) Decoration - your animation of the gemstones was cartoonish at best (and I don't mean the Disney or Pixar or Dreamworks films of today or even the Disney films of old) but the 1/2 hour variety that used to be what children watched on Saturday mornings. Even in those cartoons (and I wasn't a kid who watched much tv at all) I can remember the a simple stone like your's at least sparkling! (On the smurfs, I remember)

So, the stone with even some of today's most simplistic graphics programs could be rendered to be much more beautiful and eye-catching. But you would need once again to do the reseach on how the stones are cut because you would never cut a pearl or opal in that manner.

The 2nd thing in terms of decoration/presentation. What is the brown thing the stone is set on. It doesn't resemble wood (which gems would not be set in) and it does not resemble any stone local to me or that I have seen traveling. (Some gems are found in stone but certainly not all) It most reminds me of a cowpie except that it is not irregularly shaped.

Would you not display a jewel if not set into a piece of jewelery on a border decorated piece of black or white velvet - choosing the color that shows the gem's qualities best.

2) Information

It seems you did very little research in your attempt to find out what birthstone goes with which month. Those of us born in October or June often have to go with a cheap colored stone in the place of our true birthstones as we have birthstones with unique qualities. Pearls can not be cut and also it is not good to wear them daily in a ring. Opal is a beautiful stone coming in both black and white opal (although most know only of the white) but it is a very soft stone and like the pearl inappropriate for daily wear. But, it does not change that these are indeed our true birthstones for the change to the cheaper gemstones occured in only the last century or 2 as jewelers sought to accomadate those who could not afford the "real birthstone." That is why as the other poster explains June has changed. Also, your choice of moonstone might be from a mistaken reading of it being a midsummer's night gem.

As for September, sapphire's can come in different colors but this is extremely rare and expensive. September has always had the deep blue sapphire that are written aboutin poems. ("eyes of sapphire, skin of pearl"smiley

October's birthstone is the Opal. It is a soft stone. So when society ladies wanted to be able to wear their "October birthstone" the jewelers scrambled and came up with the pink tourmline. It worked out quite well for them for when the baby boom hit and America started spending $ on more casual purchases - countless number of little girls born in Oct. were given rings with the pink jem or little necklaces. The classring tradition in high school's took off and with it went that pink stone (I imagine boys born in October must have gotten one of the school colors) So, now that pink has infiltrated but it is not the true birthstone - Opal is and always will be.

I do not know where you got the blue that you have as the October stone - especially as it is opposite the pink that is usually seen.

On the back of your widget - you have the abbrevated months with just a color next to them. From the title, I thought that you would tell me each month's birthstone. But, I ran the cursur over it expectantly and nothing. The map is very tiny. To be a functional widget, give the information about each true birthstone and find out the substitutes but mention and keep them on the back - a computer screen isn't going to hurt a virtual opal or pearl. Reseach the meaning of each stone because this custom started as a way to try to protect a child. If Japan or China or anywhere has a different stone for a month, acknowledge that.

This is overall a good idea just not executed in a manner that is both functional and decoratively appealing. I think with more work and research you really could make this into a "gem."

Posted by: mollykat on Sep 05, 05 (12:21 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

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