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Description: This is a widget that simulates the counter in New York City also as you see the national deficit increase you can see the social security fund as it fluxuates against the national debt. I admit this one isnt much fun to watch!
Author: jonbrown
Version: 4.0
New in v4.0: Version 4.0

Updated user interface and icon elements
Fixes for Mac OSX Mavericks (10.9).
General bug fixes
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Cool, but the National Debt is off by several trilion dollars comapred to the website ( Social Security is Right On. Why is this?

Posted by: EricNau on Jul 13, 05 (12:43 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Any way we can add the option to select debts of other countries as well?smiley


Posted by: mattf (Administrator) on Jul 13, 05 (2:40 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)  


Interesting that you chose to put only the national debt and the social security. This may lead some people to jump to the idea that social security is hurting the country, as opposed to the larger problem of debt more closely tied to income, expenditure, and borrowing than it is specifically to social security. If this is what you intended, it's only contributing to rhetoric aimed at confusing the causes of debt and trying to kill social security (be it as it may that Bush is encouraging private investment as a replacement for the future). It's still not right, to mislead people like this, and I do hope that wasn't your intent.

These both come from the back of your widget though, so I am presuming that you don't want to reinforce the attack on social security. But nonetheless, by showing only the national debt and social security, you are not giving people the whole picture. If you don't want to reinforce the rhetoric, please do something about this limited perspective.

The above site breaks the issue of social security and national debt down to a nice, simple level. It should clear the gobbledegook about Bush accusing the social security of being just "paper", and also explain the primary causes for national debt - tax cuts (for the wealthy) and expenditure (umm...that would include all that war money, for starters).

So, it's quite confusing, really, your widget... Is it supposed to misinform on the front, and then lead you to a site openly critical of this misinformation?


But, I do wish you luck on your way to becoming a college professor. <("<smiley

Posted by: BagOfHammers on Jul 14, 05 (12:20 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

I must apologize for my previous post.

The author of the widget has simply taken the counters from the source at

"Which Fund Has the Problem ?!
+ $1,764,137,913,507 Social Security Trust Fund
$7,846,847,202,961 U.S. General Fund
(aka The Gross National Debt )

Put these free counters on your web site. Make the same point or your own.
The format and words are completely up to you!"

Note that the source describes the debt as a fund, and then asks which "fund" has the problem, leading people to believe that the total debt is the problem, which is certainly accurate.

If you would like more info or are not familiar with the issue, I would suggest taking a looksee at my previous URLs and, which clarifies exactly what privatization would do to Social Security (hurt it badly).

I apologize for misplacing the credit for the misinformation, although the site is a bit clearer on the issue. Still, hopefully the widget will get people interested in this issue.


Posted by: BagOfHammers on Jul 14, 05 (2:09 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)  

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