Miscellaneous - British Open 2005 Leaderboard

Description: After the start of the 2005 British Open golftournament today, I just couldn't resist making a small widget that would display the top 10 leaderboard. It's pretty basic, but works perfectly on my end! Hope you can enjoy it for the next couple of days!

- clicking a player should produce it's scorecard
- clicking on the tournament name forces refresh

Version 0.1Beta: displays the leaderboard provided by scoring.opengolf.com.

Any comments or other feedback is greatly appreciated.
Author: Macwrite
Version: 0.12b
New in v0.12b: Stripped the not working timer smiley Haven't got time to work on this project anymore, so it updates now when dashboard is called upon. Force update by clicking the tournament title also works.
Uploaded on: July 15th 2005 at 10:10 AM
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Downloads: 150 (all versions), 110 (this version)
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v.11b wouldn't display the data for me

Posted by: pm (Administrator) on Jul 15, 05 (3:34 AM) for version 0.11b (previous version)  

Posted by: HenkHaas on Jul 17, 05 (11:27 PM) for version 0.12b (current version)   View Detailed Rating

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