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Description: The OnlyNewYork RSS Widget reads the RSS feed from; a new free classifieds and event listings website servicing the New York Metro
area. The widget shows the post date, the first line of the title or subject and the first line of the description. To read the entire post, simply click on
the bold black title (or subject) line. Click on either the Search or Post button to be instantly transported to the search and/or post page of the site.

Each access (or refresh) of the RSS feed from transmits 12 random postings from the last two weeks. As the site content grows,
the feed will most likely change to reflect the most recent postings. Category info will probably be included in the feed as well. Should such changes occur we will update the OnlyNewYork Widget to allow "tuning" to a particular category.

According to the site developer, all postings are welcome at provided that they have "some" relevance to the good people of NYC. Creative types who often need to network and seek opportunities on a global basis are welcome regardless of geographic location.
Author: lakegroupltd
Version: 2.0
New in v2.0: - Added a "Refresh" button to view more postings from the OnlyNewYork site.
- Add category headings to each posting.
_ modified interface.
Uploaded on: July 26th 2005 at 12:20 AM
Rating: Unrated
Downloads: 115 (all versions), 89 (this version)
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