Fun & Games - Dont fall Over The Edge

Description: A simple prototype for a 3D game created using Unity from It took only a few hours and about 20 lines of code.

You control a ball on a plane hanging in mid-air trying to avoid falling off the edge. Meanwhile, smaller balls are trying hard to push you over the edge. Push them over before they manage to make you fall into oblivion.

Its not a complete game by far, as I still need to add some scoring and fine-tuning to the game. (Ie. when falling off, the player is automatically respawned without any penalties.)
Author: kelihlodversson
Version: 1.0pr
Uploaded on: July 19th 2005 at 9:05 PM
Rating: (3.17 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 1494
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wow this game is very awesome. really cool.

Posted by: fatherfork on Jul 20, 05 (2:57 AM) for version 1.0pr (current version)  

Is there anyway you can link it to the AMS on the newer powerbooks? (like the AMSvisulaizer) That would be awesome.

Posted by: stukdog on Jul 20, 05 (3:00 AM) for version 1.0pr (current version)  

I won't rate this yet as it is incomplete.

However, the game so far has good graphics, believable physics, and nice, smooth play. Yes, it feels that something is missing, because there is no scoring and there seems to be no penalty for taking however long you wish, either. Perhaps you could make it so that new "enemy" balls spawn periodically as long as you have at least one left? Then you could make levels that get progressively harder by making the spawns more frequent.

I would also like to see some other color choices, because right now it looks rather sinister and I'd like something somewhat cheery. Other than that, I like the simplicity of the game. If you are adding scoring, I would hope that you incorporate the amount of time passed, because the difficulty is not pushing the other balls off but doing so with control - therefore to do it in less time seems to be worthy of some kind of recognition.

Mysterious ball-sumo. I like that.

<("<smiley BagOfHammers (>"smiley>

Posted by: BagOfHammers on Jul 20, 05 (11:20 AM) for version 1.0pr (current version)  

As BagOfHammers pointed out, something is missing. I believe what is indeed missing is some perspective of the playing field...that is to say, the view of it tilting (or lack thereof) would be quite handy ;]

For some quick work and just a few lines of code, this is really cool, I would definitely like to see this developed further!!!

Posted by: gren on Aug 08, 05 (11:16 AM) for version 1.0pr (current version)   View Detailed Rating

that game waz cool and fun to play ever day good job


Posted by: DEAD456 on Aug 21, 05 (5:29 AM) for version 1.0pr (current version)   View Detailed Rating

What's AMS?


Posted by: IanTheMacFan on Aug 22, 05 (6:15 AM) for version 1.0pr (current version)  

Yup...I have no clew what AMS is.

Maybe, Alternate Moose Scope? No really, I'd like to know too.

But, because the game is 3D, and because that takes up a lot of memory, maybe all it needs is a scoring system or a chronograph that tracks how long it takes you to complete a game and the back gives high scores. Something like that, so that it doesn't feel so empty. But a bunch of complications would *easily* make the game take up more memory, I'd think. Although, this widget can go for it because it's a game anyway, I suppose.

Posted by: BagOfHammers on Aug 30, 05 (1:52 PM) for version 1.0pr (current version)  

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