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Description: This is a Dashboard widget that monitors items on eBay. It will regularly update the bidding information at a user-selected time interval. You can monitor three items at the same time. Complete item information is displayed.

Audio feedback when price changes, auction ending in two minutes, and auction ends on an item. Growl notification is supported (price changed, auction ending in two minutes, auction ended). Automatic check for updates. Ability to stop timer, manual refresh, automatically reload last searched auctions on start-up.

Localized display label for German, French, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Italian. Updated for new eBay US store. Features mouse wheel scrolling. World clock and option to turn it on and off. Displays my eBay watching, bidding, items won information.

This is an eBay certified product. This version uses eBay API. It will direct you to eBay to agree on an authorization agreement and obtain a token. The token will be stored in the userís keychain. The widget does not collect eBay log-in or password.

Updated to 19 digits item number required by eBay. Added my eBay selling tab. Can load my eBay items into empty auction tabs. Remembers the size of the widget when logged out. New look. Now has four tabs for tracking auctions. Added search function. Can choose up to four my eBay catagories: watching, bidding, selling, won, didnít win, unsold, sold. Can shrink the widget to display item number only. Use latest version of eBay API. Modified get token process for native iPhone application. Added a button to copy the token into My for iPhone. Now compatible with OSX 10.5 Leopard. Changed My eBay categories, Won, Sold, and Unsold, to show the end date. Added refresh time for my eBay. Added total for categories Won and Sold.
Author: hawkinnovations
Version: 4.19
New in v4.19: Minor bugs fixed
Uploaded on: July 15th 2011 at 12:21 PM
Rating: (3.67 stars)   [Show Detailed Ratings]
Downloads: 6619 (all versions), 308 (this version)
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This widget is ok, but someone needs to make a better one!

I vote that someone makes this ( widget!

Posted by: mactmaster on Aug 01, 05 (11:16 AM) for version 1.22 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Great Widget,
This is a very usful and good lookin widget. I love how it shows alot of information about an item. GOOD WORK!!! Keep it up.

Posted by: novis on Sep 18, 05 (5:07 PM) for version 1.22 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

this widget is good. but i find some problem, the chinese text is unable to display, it display ????? ????
hope you fix it!!!!

Posted by: a6820 on Sep 25, 05 (7:37 AM) for version 1.3 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

It is not a bug. It is not internationalized and will only display the information in english.

Posted by: hawkinnovations (developer) on Sep 26, 05 (4:13 PM) for version 1.3 (previous version)  

i have to agree with mactmaster. it would be more useful if you could watch multiple items side by side without having more than one instance of the widget open. I think this one is geared toward ebay buyers, one for ebay sellers to take a quick glance at their items would be sweet.

Posted by: davepelz on Oct 06, 05 (5:05 AM) for version 1.4 (previous version)  

When I used Konfabulator, there was an eBay widget on there. What I LOVED about it is that whenever the amount of the highest bid changed, it would play a short 2 second jingle to alert me of the change, which would tell me to open up the widget and see if I'd been outbid.

Posted by: webmacster87 on Oct 08, 05 (2:01 PM) for version 1.4 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

For version 2.0. If you did not register, you have a 50-50 chance of having the widget display the result.

Posted by: hawkinnovations (developer) on Nov 04, 05 (11:22 PM) for version 2.0 (previous version)  

Looks excellent! Can't wait to try it out, great work!

Posted by: weisheng on Nov 05, 05 (8:25 PM) for version 2.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating


Only after you upgrade, is it clear that this now has to be registered ($5) to get full functionality.

...but by then you've deleted the old version.


Posted by: Russell on Nov 07, 05 (10:55 PM) for version 2.0 (previous version)  

I beg to differ. After you install the new version, the old version is moved to the trash only and you can still get it back. But in my biased opinion, v2.0 is much more stable and has more functionalities.

Posted by: hawkinnovations (developer) on Nov 08, 05 (2:46 PM) for version 2.0 (previous version)  

Been asked a few times, and just to confirm, the image ratio bug has been fixed in version 2.1, along with a few others. Visit for all the info you need.

Posted by: Jordy on Dec 01, 05 (9:24 AM) for version 2.1 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Please visit for a small update to the widget for case sensitive file systems.

Posted by: Jordy on Mar 02, 06 (4:48 PM) for version 2.3 (previous version)  

v2.3 broken for us ebay store. Widget will work if you choose UK ebay store in the preference. v2.4 for US will be out shortly.

Posted by: hawkinnovations (developer) on Mar 08, 06 (3:10 AM) for version 2.3 (previous version)  

I am really stunned that this widget requires $5. It is a shame that a couple of people want to charge for widgets. What's more of a shame is that this developer is not even upfront about it. One only discovers that registration is required when adding a third auction to monitor. If you want to charge, list it as a demo, or limited function demo, which would at least be accurate. In a world where over 99% of widgets are free, I'll look elsewhere!

Posted by: mahrer96 on Mar 25, 06 (4:46 PM) for version 2.5 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Of course that is your right, if you don't want it, then don't use it. All our customers are happy and for their $5 they get to register with 2 Mac's and continued support and free upgrades.

There may only be a small amount of paid for widgets right now, but that will change I'm sure, the industry certainly thinks so:

If you are reading this, yes the widget is a "demo" and for uninterupted usage, you will need to register but you don't have to. See our Website for all the details about the widget, what it can do and how much it costs:

Posted by: Jordy on Mar 28, 06 (8:23 AM) for version 2.5 (previous version)  

v2.5 is broken for many international eBay stores due to an eBay stores updgrade. Version 2.6 will be available soon with the issue fixed including a few other bug fixes.

Posted by: Jordy on Apr 03, 06 (12:06 PM) for version 2.5 (previous version)  

v2.6 is available, click the update button on the back of eBay Watcher to download the new update.

Posted by: Jordy on Apr 06, 06 (10:02 AM) for version 2.5 (previous version)  

This looks interesting... but I only need it on ONE computer! Therefore, why pay for TWO licenses??? Who does this developer think he's fooling? I certainly won't pay $5 for TWO licenses when I need only ONE license.

That's for starters. Then there're obvious shortcoming designwise with this app. Tell you what, when you can add a snipe function I'm happy to dash out $5. Until then this should be freeware or no more than $2.

Posted by: gryphonent on Apr 17, 06 (8:28 PM) for version 2.6 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

The Widget is always in a constant state of evolvement and we are, especially Hawk, trying to bring you new features all the time. We work very hard to make the widget simple and easy to use.

The $5 fee is actualy for one license, but we decided to offer a second one free.

I can assure you that $5 a time no where near covers the cost of development and our time working on the widget.

Posted by: Jordy on Apr 27, 06 (3:36 PM) for version 2.6 (previous version)  

Version 3.0.1 is now available from our website. It includes some bug fixes, anyone running version 3 should update their widget to the new version.

Posted by: Jordy on Jun 20, 06 (9:55 AM) for version 3.0 (previous version)  

Works beautifully - for those of you complaining about the two licences, get a life! - it's only five bucks, and well worth it! I do have a few suggestions, the UI needs a serious facelift - it would be cool if I could see all three auctions simultaneously. I don't care about screen real estate. You also need to show the sellers items (I am sure this will be in 3.2)...Also the yellow doesn't work for me, this widget needs some style! Good job though!!

Posted by: vgoklani on Jul 23, 06 (5:59 AM) for version 3.1 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

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