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Description: This widget displays the current status of Bluetooth. Simply click the icon to switch Bluetooth on or off. On the back you can select an application to open automatically after you turn Bluetooth on. You can also double-click the widget to open the selected app immediately without switching the Bluetooth status. Makes a great replacement for the Bluetooth menu bar item!
Author: robotspacer
Version: 2.1
New in v2.1: Now supports Snow Leopard, in addition to Leopard and Tiger
Uploaded on: August 26th 2009 at 5:33 PM
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Downloads: 3260 (all versions), 639 (this version)
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Something I completely forgot about during the development of this widget: you must open System Preferences > Universal Access and check "Enable access for assistive devices" in order for the Bluetooth switching to work. Without this on, it will still tell you whether Bluetooth is enabled, but you certainly can't use it to its full potential.

I would love to find a better solution for this, so if anyone has any ideas, please send me an email!

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on Jul 31, 05 (3:16 AM) for version 1.0 (previous version)  

I haven't fully tested the functionality, having no compatible bluetooth gadgets at this time, but this widget sure looks great. Nice size, perfect color, seemingly great functionality. Complete and whole without going too far, but making sure to include everything it has to (again, I assume this thing works). If I could test it and see if there are any bugs, etc., I would, but I can't. Even so, from looks and fiddling around with it, I feel this widget is one of the few widgets that really don't have much room for improvement- all that is left is fitting user demands in stylistic matters, and maybe not even that. Too bad not all widgets are this complete and smashing-looking.

Posted by: BagOfHammers on Jul 31, 05 (7:46 PM) for version 1.0 (previous version)   View Detailed Rating

Why does it open System Preferences??
I have made a better image for "on."
To use: Go inside your widget. Rename default.png to off.png. Drag my default.png in.


Posted by: IanTheMacFan on Sep 16, 05 (3:21 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

The widget uses AppleScript to turn Bluetooth on and off through System Preferences. I explored other options, but the work required far exceeded what I could afford to spend on such a simple, free widget.

It's not perfect, but it suits my needs quite nicely. With a single click I can turn on Bluetooth and open the app I need. When I'm done, it's just one more click to turn of Bluetooth and close System Preferences. Much better than opening the Apple menu, selecting System Preferences, clicking Bluetooth, turning Bluetooth on, and THEN opening the iSync!

The main benefit is that it's an alternative to the menu bar icon... Along with a few other widgets I've been able to get my menu bar much cleaner than it was before!

Posted by: robotspacer (developer) on Oct 22, 05 (11:05 AM) for version 1.2 (previous version)  

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