Ma.gnolia Marker v1.0

Preview for Ma.gnolia Marker

Quickly mark pages in Ma.gnolia.

Sep 27, 2006 | 1:13 PM Download Now »

add this v0.2

Preview for add this

You always wanted to quickly post a bookmark/website on your favourite service?

Aug 18, 2006 | 4:17 AM Download Now »

zlj post v4.6

Preview for zlj post

Livejournal widget for posting new entries with many options.

Feb 13, 2006 | 6:40 AM Download Now » File Uploader v1.0

Preview for File Uploader

The File Uploader enables users to simply drag and drop files onto their file storage area.

Feb 13, 2006 | 3:49 AM Download Now »

ladyMailEncode v1.0

Preview for ladyMailEncode

Quickly encrypt your email address to hide it from spam robots.

Dec 13, 2005 | 1:59 PM Download Now »

WebFiles Uploader v1.0

Preview for WebFiles Uploader

WebFiles Uploader works with the Sitellite CMS and lets you drag and drop files into the Web Files collection on your Sitellite website.

Nov 29, 2005 | 3:42 AM Download Now »

LiveWidget v2.1

Preview for LiveWidget

LiveWidget is a client for the LiveJournal weblog site. It can post to shared journals (communities) and to your custom friend-groups. It features music and mood support and has buttons to help with basic html formatting.

Nov 06, 2005 | 9:06 AM Download Now »

IsraBlog v0.1b

Preview for IsraBlog

Post entries to Israeli blogging service IsraBlog

Aug 20, 2005 | 11:24 PM Download Now »

WordPressDash v4.0b

Preview for WordPressDash

WordPress blogging widget created especially for the WordPress community.

Aug 17, 2005 | 1:54 AM Download Now »
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