Facebook v0.2pr

Preview for Facebook

An interface to theFacebook for college students. This is a Preview of the widget which is now joining with theFacebookwidget to provide more functionality.

Aug 16, 2005 | 12:07 AM Download Now »

LiveCargo File Transfer v1.7

Preview for LiveCargo File Transfer

Sends a secure, large file to someone by simply dragging and dropping from Finder to the Dashboard!

Aug 06, 2005 | 12:50 AM Download Now »

bpiDash v0.6b

Preview for bpiDash

bpiDash version 0.6 - is a dashboard widget for the great online webservice Backpackit.

Jul 08, 2005 | 4:04 AM Download Now »

Email Cloaker v1.0

Preview for Email Cloaker

Hide your email address from spambots

Jul 08, 2005 | 4:04 AM Download Now »

ftp beam v0.13b

Preview for ftp beam

beam a local file to your ftp server

Jul 08, 2005 | 4:04 AM Download Now »

RapidMetaBlog v1.1

Preview for RapidMetaBlog

Rapid Blogging Widget for posting a single entry quickly to your blog. Works with Tiger Weblog Server. blojsom and Wordpress. Should work with any MetaWeblog API compatible blog server.

Jul 08, 2005 | 4:04 AM Download Now »

dashLicious v1.0

Preview for dashLicious

dashLicious has hit 1.0. it implements a post to your del.icio.us account on the fabulous web service created by Joshua Schachter.

Jul 08, 2005 | 4:04 AM Download Now »

DashBlog v0.12b

Preview for DashBlog

DashBlog is a BloggerAPI client designed to post blog entries from your Dashboard simply and easily.

Jul 08, 2005 | 4:04 AM Download Now »

Flidget (The Flickr Widget) v1.0

Preview for Flidget (The Flickr Widget)

This Widget lets you upload photos to your Flickr account. You can specify tags that go with it and if it's private or public photo.

May 02, 2005 | 2:47 AM Download Now »
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