Preview for ‹bertragen

‹bertragen allows you to transfer files via FTP to an FTP server or via Bonjour to another Mac running ‹bertragen in your local network.

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Network Stat v1.5

Preview for Network Stat

displays the Name of your current Network-Location, your LAN- and your WAN-IPs. Simply click on the Info to copy it to the clipboard.

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pongClock v0.3b

Preview for pongClock

This Widget is actually a Pong-game that plays against itself. And now, YOU can play against the widget!

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xWing - a Star Wars eyecandy v0.7b

Preview for xWing - a Star Wars eyecandy

This useless Widget does nothing more than display a Star Wars related Image. I love to clutter my Dashboard with X-Wing squadrons and AT-ATs. Currently 18 StarWars images available, and you can add your own.

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YAAOSC v0.4b

Preview for YAAOSC

There is one difference between this Widget and all the other AIM Status Widgets - you don`t need to run iChat and you don`t have to be logged in to AIM. Enter the username of a Buddy on the back and see whether he/she is online or offline.

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